Name Status Role and area of expertise Email Involvement
HAMMAMI   Mohamed Professor, CEO Quality Control and Safety -Environmental -Food 25%
SASSI SOUISSI Radhia MC, Geochemistry of aquatic environments 35%
HOUYEM Abderrazak Snani MC, Analytical Chemistry 30%
CHATTI Saber Pr. Chemistry of polymer materials 30%
AMIRA Anene Dr, Chief Eng Analytical Chemistry 10%
KLICHHanene Eng. Metrology 10%
JEBELI Raouf Eng. Chemical analysis 15%
NAJET Chaabne Eng. Chemical analysis 15%
MEZNI Mohamed Eng. Chemical analysis 10%
MARZOUGUI Hanene Tech. Chemical analysis 15%
KASRAOUI Ons Eng. Chemical analysis 15%
BEN KHLOUD Haifa Eng. Chemical analysis 15%
BEN ALAYA Mohsen Teacher Dear Géochimiste/hydrogéologue 30%