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Theses and post-docs

A special effort has been devoted to the training of doctoral students within the framework of the LMI by setting up grants financed directly by the LMI to support its lines of research. This financial training support for students from the South will complement the existing Tunisian or French offer.

Contrats post-doctoraux

Badreddine BARHOUMIfev. 2015-fev. 2017M. TedettiMIO-IRD, FSB

Origin of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the Bizerte lagoon: comparison of “atmosphere” and “river” sources.LMI COSYS-MedWP1
Badreddine BARHOUMIaout 2017- juin 2018 M. Tedetti, H. ZaghdenM. Tedetti, H. ZaghdenDevelopment of a multi-contaminant method, application on samples from the MERITE campaignLMI COSYS-MedWP1
Amal ZAYEN2015-2018S. Sayadi
CBSMicroplastics and phthalates in Tunisian coastal ecosystems: characterization and bioremediation.LMI COSYS-MedWP1 et 4
Cherif ENSIBI2015-2016N Daly Yahia
FSBEvaluation of the toxic effects of chemical contaminants (trace metals and pesticides) on the planktonic copepod Centropagesponticus: experimental and in studyLMIWP2
Amandine GALES. 2017-2018E FouillandMARBECBioremediation of industrial fumes by the intensive production of microalgae in an open environment: importance of diversityMARBECWP4
Sameh SALLEMI2015-2016S Sayadi F KarrayCBSStudy of the microbial biodiversity of polluted coastal areas in the Gulf of Gabès region. (CBS)PASRIWP4
Sondes GARALI2017-2018A Sakka HlailiCBSBiodegradation of PAHs by co-culture of benthic diatom-bacteriaFSBWP2
Manel Ben Abdallah2017-2018S. Sayadi F. KarrayCBSStudy of microbial diversity in atmospheric aerosols and Isolation of bacteria degrading hydrocarbons.CBSWP4

Contrats doctoraux

MELLITI I Sondessoutenue fin 2016A. SAKKA, J. KSOURIFSB, ISPABToxic diatoms in the shellfish beds of Bizerte: dynamics, diversity, toxicity and eco-toxicologyFSBWP2
Héla BEN GHARBIA Soutenue 2018O. KEFI-DALY YAHIA, M. LAABIR INAT-MARBEC Study of allelopathic interactions between macrophytes and toxic dinoflagellatesLMIWP2
Marouan MEDDEB2013-2018A Sakka Hlaili O PringaultFSB MARBECStructure and functioning of the planktonic trophic network of anthropized southern Mediterranean ecosystems: study by modeling and ecological analysis of networksARTSWP3
Rania FOURATI 2013-2017B. Elleuch, M. TedettiENIS-MIODynamics of hydrocarbons in the Gulf of Gabes (defended in November 2017)IRD-ARTSWP4
Sabrine BEN OUADA 2015-2018S. Sayadi et C. LeboulangerCBS – MIO Impact of antibiotic and bisphenol contaminants on phototrophic microorganisms in aquatic ecosystems and remediation powerLMIWP4
Takoua MHADHBI2015 – 2018C.Gonzalez, H.Beyrem. FSB – ALESDynamics of pesticides within a lagoon ecosystem (Bizerte lagoon, Tunisia): identification of contamination sources and contaminant transformation processLMI -ALES
M’RABET Charaf 2015 – 2018O.KEFI- DALY YAHIA, O. PRINGAULTINAT-IRDImpacts of plastic derivatives on marine phytoplanktonLMIWP2
Mariem JEDDI2015 – 2018F. Karray S. SayadiCBS-Bioremediation of contaminated marine coastal sediments in the coastal area of Sfax.MESRSWP4
Hana ZOUCH2015 – 2018S. Sayadi et M. QuéméneurCBS- MIOBioremediation of coastal sediments contaminated by metallic trace elements in the Gulf of GabesARTS IRDWP4
Hanen KHARRAT2016-2019S. Sayadi, F. Karray, D. Alazard, L. KammounCBS- MIORecovery/bioremediation of phosphogypsum by the production of hydrogen sulphide by SRBs.SIAPEWP4
Najwa KALLEL2016-2019S. Sayadi, F. Karray, N. Pradel, M. QuéméneurCBS- MIOBioremediation of environments polluted by metallic trace elementsMESRS, LMIWP4
Khaled FADHLAOUIsoutenueB. Ollivier, M. HamdiMIO-INSATUnderstanding of the metabolism of a bacterium of the genus Mesotoga isolated from a reactor treating phosphogypsumLMI-INSATWP4
Achref OTHMANISoutenue 2017B. Bejaoui, D. Oueslati, JL Devenon, C. Chevalier INSTM – MIOEstablishment of a numerical model of tidal propagation for semi-closed coastal systems: application to the study of plankton distribution in the Gulf of GabesFSB-MIO INSTMWP3
DJEBBI Emna2017-2020N. DALY YAHIA D. BONNET FSB MARBECResponse of zooplankton to the toxicity of urban and emerging contaminants (nanoparticles and steroid hormones) in the Bizerte lagoon. Experimental and “in situ” studiesMARBEC-LMI WP2
Nouha MAKHLOUF2018-2020N. DALY YAHIA M. PAGANO FSB-MIOImpact of hydrodynamic (tide, winds, currents) and anthropogenic (contaminant) forcings on zooplankton communities and trophic transfers within plankton in lagoon and coastal environments of TunisiaFSB-MIO INSTMWP3

Thèses et post-docs

COUET Douglas: Effect of ETMs (Cu) and Organotins (TBT) on the physiology of two toxic dinoflagellates (Ostreopsis cf. ovata and Alexandrium pacificum) (2016-2017).