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During the first phase of COSYS-Med, the actions undertaken made it possible to establish solid links between the various North (MIO and MARBEC) and South (CBS, FSB and INAT) partners on a new issue for the IRD in this region. The logic proposed was based on a “project” approach around three thematic axes, research, training and transfer, the research axis being itself subdivided into four work-packages (Measure, Evaluate, Explain/Predict and Remedy). The first phase made it possible to create a consortium of researchers capable of proposing and setting up multidisciplinary projects with the support of national and international donors with real dynamism (21 projects submitted, 48 co-publications).

The main objective of the second phase is to enable, at the end of this phase, the establishment in Tunisia of a Marine Environment Reference Center (CREM). For this, the partnership framework has been expanded to associate with the existing consortium institutes specialized in marine sciences (INSTM), in the detailed analysis of chemical contaminants (INRAP and HSM) but also in modeling (IPEIT). The activities of the LMI have been grouped around four objectives which aim to better understand the interactions between contaminants and marine ecosystems, while offering on the one hand decision-making and remediation tools for managers and on the other hand capacity building so that the reference center has the necessary skills to ensure regional and international visibility.

As in the first phase, scientific activities will be implemented with the support of external funding (Blue-Med H2020 in particular), IRD funding will mainly be devoted to collective training (drafting of projects, scientific promotion) and support for platforms so that they can be mobilized for large-scale projects.