Name Status Role and area of expertise Email Involvement
MAHE Gil DR1 IRD Hydroclimatologie et coordination de la contribution HSM, coordination SICMED et MEDFRIEND gilmahe@hotmail.com 50%
TAUPIN Jean-Denis CR1 IRD Hydrogeology/isotopic geochemistry taupin@msem.univ-montp2.fr 40%
BANCON-MONTIGNY Chrystelle MC UM Chemistry of trace (organo)metallic elements chrystelle.bancon-montigny@umontpellier.fr 30%
CHIRON Serge DR2 IRD Emerging contaminants and pesticides, environmental fate serge.chiron@ird.fr 30%
PATRIS Nicolas IR1 IRD Isotope hydrology nicolas.patris@ird.fr 30%
CARREAU Julie IR2 IRD Spatio-temporal statistical modeling (extreme events) julie.carreau@ird.fr 20%
PATUREL Jean Emmanuel CR1 IRD Analysis of hydroclimatic series and hydrological modeling jean-emmanuel.paturel@ird.fr 20%
ROUCHE Nathalie AI IRD Information system and databases nathalie.rouche@ird.fr 20%
DELPOUX Sophie AI CNRS Trace element analysis sophie.delpoux@umontpellier.fr 10%
FREYDIER Rémi IR CNRS Isotopia remi.freydier@umontpellier.fr 10%
PISTRE Séverin PR UM Water and Coastal Master’s course teaching severin.pistre@umontpellier.fr 10%
GOMEZ Elena PR UM Chemistry of emerging organic contaminants maria-elena.gomez-hernandez@umontpellier.fr 10%
ROSAIN David TECH UM Chemistry of emerging organic contaminants david.rosain@umontpellier.fr 10%
TRAMBLAY Yves CR1 IRD Cross-cutting Action Climate Change of MISTRALS yves.tramblay@umontpellier.fr 5%