Through its transdisciplinary aspect, the LMI COSYS-Med offers a wide range of skills to ensure the training of students from these professional or fundamental courses. Nevertheless, to optimize the training about the environmental issues facing the southern Mediterranean Basin and Tunisia in particular, it is necessary to adapt these training courses, which will be the subject of a special attention in the LMI framework. Within the various partners of the LMI COSYS-Med, there are already several Bachelor’s and Master’s level courses that provide lessons related to the themes of the LMI.

Master Biodev (AMU) UNESCO Chair

The international specialty BIODEV (Biotechnology for sustainable development) of the M2 MBVM (Microbiology, Plant Biology and Biotechnology) of Aix-Marseille University (AMU) aims to provide high-level scientific and technological training in microbiology and biotechnology for the sustainable development.

 The link between the French backing laboratories and universities or research institutes in emerging countries is put to good use, by placing support on a UNESCO “BIODEV” chair centered on biotechnologies, a UNESCO chair labeled for research in partnership and for the training of French and foreign students in the field of biotechnology research in the service of sustainable development. The Master M2 courses delivered by distance learning allow students to acquire cutting-edge scientific and technological cultures to facilitate their professional integration and to prepare students who wish for doctoral studies.

Licenses end FSB Masters 

The Faculty of Sciences of Bizerte (FSB) with more than 4000 students depends on the University of Carthage. There are several License and Master level training courses provided at the FSB which are related to the themes of the LMI COSYS-Med.

Life Sciences Department :

Professional License "Environmental Protection"
Professional License "Food Quality Control"
Fundamental License "Natural Sciences and Applications"
Fundamental License "Life Sciences"
Professional Master's degree "Environmental Biomonitoring"
Professional Master's degree "Food Safety"
Fundamental Master's "Biological Sciences"

Geology Department:

Applied License "Georessources and Environment"
Professional Master "Georesources and Applications"

Département Chimie :

Professional Master "Petrochemistry"


Oceanography is very demanding in terms of skills and equipment. For this, cooperation is inevitable to achieve efficiency. This is the main objective of the European project INCOMMET FP7-INCO2011-6. INCOMMET was initiated by the MIO/University of Aix-Marseille, it is coordinated by the Institut of Sciences et Technologies de la Mer (INSTM, Tunisia) and the third partner is the biological station of Naples. The INCOMMET project aims, among other things, to: 

(1) Increase research excellence at Tunisian laboratories in the field of the marine environment, 

(2) Strengthen the partnership between Tunisia and EU research institutions and promote its participation in the European research area, 

(3) Raising the specific environmental problems that Tunisia must face such as environmental protection, climate change, the fight against the loss of biodiversity. INCOMMET emphasizes the training component; several courses have been scheduled in 2012, 2013 and 2014 

(i) methods in microbiology and marine ecology, 

(ii) remote sensing, 

(iii) phytoplankton in aquaculture production areas,

(iv) data management, statistics and data processing, 

(v) flow cytometry applied to the marine field, 

(vi) workshops at sea, etc.